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In June, the first of three Super Sized Saturday games took place and this Saturday, the second is happening at participating retail bingo clubs up and down the country.

After these two Supersized sessions on Saturday 15th July, there is just one more planned for Saturday 19th August. If you can’t make tomorrow’s sessions, try and make a date for the next!

National Bingo Game Jackpot Pools

The National Bingo Game jackpots for the afternoon and evening sessions are bigger than usual, hence the name Supersized, and you must have purchased the special National Bingo Game flyer for your chance to win a share.

For the afternoon game, the prize money will be as follows:

  • One line for £1,000
  • Two lines for £2,000
  • Full house for £25,000

Please remember, these jackpots are for the player who calls bingo in the lowest number of calls across all participating clubs.

For the evening session, the prize pot is even more impressive for the lucky winners:

  • One line for £2,000
  • Two lines for £3,000
  • Full house for £50,000

It’s worth noting that the Double Double promotion (details of which are below) is not valid on the Super Sized Saturday Games.

Double Double From The National Bingo Game

For the ordinary National Bingo game, if you win on a double number for the full house, you’ll double up your prize money!

If your full house win is on the numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 or 88, your bank balance is going to be even healthier than you might first have imagined on winning a National game!