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William Hill Bingo have been hosting a different game of bingo at their site in the evenings since the beginning of the month, a game called Trapdoor Bingo.

When we think of Trapdoor, we are transported back to our youth and the cartoon of the same name but at William Hill Bingo, the trapdoors are just that.

Playing Trapdoor Bingo

There are six of these special games that play on a daily basis and they are at 19:05, 20:05, 21:05, 22:05, 23:05 and then finally at 00:05. The games only play in the following rooms though:

  • Willy’s Den
  • Willy’s Winners
  • Community Room
  • BOGOF Bingo

Tickets for all the games are just 10p each and for that you have a prize pot of £250 on each game.

This is split as follows:

  • One line for £15
  • Two lines for £25
  • Full house for £60

If you do the maths, that is only £100 which leaves £150 in the prize kitty and this is where the trapdoor aspect of the game comes into play.

The person who wins the full house will be presented with a pot of gold and five trapdoors. They have to place the pot of gold on one of the doors. If the door opens, the £150 is lost but if it doesn’t, the prize is split!

The full house winner will get £75 and all players with tickets in the winning game will get a share of the remaining £75.

Rules Of Trapdoor Bingo

It’s worth noting that the special games in the BOGOF Bingo room do not have ‘buy one, get one free tickets’ and to qualify for a share of the community pot, to even play for it, you must have purchased a minimum of six tickets for the Trapdoor game.