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William Hill are the latest gambling operator to feel the full force of the Gambling Commission and whilst their fine is not quite as hefty as that levied against 888, we’re sure they are feeling the £6.2 million pinch!

Like 888, William Hill have been fined following an investigation by the Gambling Commission. The result of this was that they were found to be failing ‘systematically’ in their social responsibility and anti-money laundering. Of the total fine, £1.2 million is being divested back to victims of any criminal activity from which William Hill profited.

Substantial Amounts Wagered At William Hill

On reading the details of the fine on the Gambling Commission website [read more here] we were shocked at just how much money people were gambling in a short space of time, even more shocked to find the glaring disparity between income and the amount being deposited!

These are just a couple of the examples included from the William Hill investigation that covered the period November 2014 until August 2016:

  • In 18 months a customer deposited over £147,000 and this resulted in losses of £112,000. This was picked up by William Hill but in a year all they did was send the player two standard social responsibility emails.
  • Another player deposited significantly more in a similar time period, a total of £653,000! William Hill noticed this and triggered an amber alert. This is supposed to trigger a customer profile review as per the anti-money laundering policy. The customer’s file was passed to managers but the review did not happen. The customer continued to gamble for a further six months!

There were also two cases where two individual players were only earning approximately £30,000 each yet one spent £654,000 in nine months and the other £541,000 in 14 months! One of them had even been stealing from his employer to fund his gambling habit.

We’re sure that over the next few weeks we’re going to see more fines dished out for similar failings. Watch this space!