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Wink Bingo are back on TV with a new advert but like many of the more recent commercials, it didn’t little to whet your bingo appetite when we caught a glimpse of it on the small screen.

What we expect from an advert for online bingo is something that catches our eye and makes us want to login and play, for us the Wink Bingo ad didn’t hit the right buttons.

All About The Voiceover At Wink Bingo

When we were watching the ad, the voiceover was just as you would expect; marketing enthusiasm that’s always so false.

There’s a number of great graphics throughout the commercial but by five seconds in, we’d lost interest. We had to go online and to YouTube to actually revisit it and remind ourselves of the content! That’s not really what you need from a commercial of any description.

It’s great that Wink Bingo has a new look and the advert uses images from the site to show this off, but is anyone really interested?

It’s good that the viewer is shown the bonus wheel, and of course, they might be interested in the welcome offer from the site, but where’s the fun and excitement?

We’re aware that all gambling related adverts have to meet CAP and BCAP codes or risk a ban from the Advertising Standards Authority, but even with the rules being quite strict, we would have thought that Wink Bingo could have come up with something more inspiring than their current offering.

The Wink Bingo Advert

If you’ve missed it on television, or like us, took very little notice, then you can view it by clicking the image below: