Butlers Bingo

Butlers Bingo

Hire your own Butler with your winnings!

Bonus: 500%
Platform: Microgaming
Players: 2762
Open Rooms: 11
Card Cost: 1p to £2
Jackpot: £100 to £10000

All there is to know about Butlers Bingo

With seemingly no end of bingo websites to choose from you could most likely do with a helping hand when it comes to what is offer, both in the way of jackpots as well as gameplay. Here we’ve made your life a little easier by reviewing the Butlers Bingo website, where there are plenty of bingo games to be played, jackpots to be won and bonuses just waiting to be claimed.

The Butlers Bingo Website: A Quick Overview

Butler’s Bingo are a relatively new kid on the bingo block, however they are also backed up with founders with more than 10 years of experience within the industry and the various bonuses and games on offer here are a true reflection of a pretty polished online bingo offering.

When you arrive at Butlers bingo you’ll first notice how shiny and bright it looks with a clear jackpot display throughout so you can see what the prizes are totaling throughout the bingo games being played right there and then. The website also boasts crystal clear navigation and large graphics and buttons, which makes using the website a breeze.

Butlers 90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball bingo makes for the most popular form of online bingo playing in the UK and over at Butlers Bingo there are a wide variety of 90 ball games to pick from. For each game there are some good prizes for one line, two lines and a full house. However, if you really want to go for the big money then you’ll need to take a play on the progressive jackpot or PJP Bingo games.

Butlers 75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball bingo makes for the most popular choice for bingo players in the USA, Canada and in Europe, however, for those accustomed to 90 ball bingo this type of game can make for a fast paced experience that’s a little bit different to 90 ball bingo. If you do want to give this type of Bingo ago then you’ll need to be aware that, rather than marking off lines, you are instead aiming to make shapes, with the specific shape called at the beginning of the game.

A more than generous welcome awaits

Welcome Deposit

When you first make a deposit over at Butlers Bingo you can expect a tidy 300% boost to your playing pot! This can then see your £10 turning into £30, or your £35 being boosted to £100!

No deposit Sign Up Bonus

If you’re not ready to place a deposit you can test the waters by taking advantage of the Butler’s no deposit sign up bonus. This means that you can receive £10 for free!


The first three following promotions, bonuses and offers apply to the first levels within the VIP scheme; for further details on how many extras for each you’ll receive through the VIP ranks see the next section.

Re-deposit Bonus

Re-deposit bonuses mean that you’ll receive a 40% bonus to any deposits made after your initial payment. So if you deposit £10 you’ll get an extra £4 to play with!

Birthday Bonus

When Butlers Bingo birthday rolls around it’s time to take the reels as you’ll receive 10 free spins!

Major Progressive Jackpot

The major progressive jackpot games on Butlers Bingo start with a minimum £5000 jackpot! This jackpot builds up everyday until its won, so if this rolls over for even a few days the you’re going to be looking at a pretty tidy sum!

Daily Promotions

Summer Sizzler

Butlers Bingo Summer Sizzler will see you playing in Golden sands for a £50 jackpot. You can even play penny games to be in with a chance of claiming free beach party tickets where you can then play for up to £150 each night.

BIG 500 Fixed Jackpot

BIG 500 Fixed jackpot games feature a minimum of a £500 guaranteed jackpot. This game takes an unusual approach to its play by starting at 37 balls, with the Butler making it easier for you to win each day by increasing the number of balls to ‘Bingo’ by one ball each day.

Evening £100, £100 & £250

Every night between 7pm and 9 pm, Monday to Thursday, there are three games that total a jackpot of £450; the longer you play these for the more you can win and your chances of a win are boosted even further by there being a 6 ticket bonus for every 6 tickets purchased!

Lunchtime £600

Every lunchtime between 12pm and 2pm there is a £600 guaranteed prize which you can win with just a one penny play!

Daily Nifty Fifty

Daily Nifty Fifty costs just 20p per game but could see you winning £50; this is another game where you can buy 6 bingo cards and receive an additional 6 for free.

Morning £50

If you’re up early enough then you can opt to play the morning £50, where the jackpot is, again, £50, and entering this game costs just 5p a ticket.

Penny Pusher

As its name suggests, tickets for this collection of games costs just one penny and features prizes of £50 and £100.

Fair N’ Square

Fair N’ Square is another unusual Bingo game in that it keeps everything fair between players in relation to the chances of winning the jackpot prize of £25.

Freebie Frenzy

Every week night you could be in with some randomly awarded prizes by visiting the Friendship room between 8:15pm and 9:15pm.

Weekly Promotions

Reverse Bingo

In Reverse Bingo you’ll be aiming to complete just one line and whoever manages it first will be in for a bigger prize than if you managed a full house in normal bingo!

Nabor Week

This is one of the few types of games that sees bingo communities built. Here you can see a win whenever you or a Nabor (the people who are directly above or below you in the roomie list) make a full house!

Share the Love

The Share the Love promotion sees more love being spreading over each and every win. Every line that you make will see you awarded with boosted prizes during Bonanza games.

Full House Week

During Full House week every full house that is awarded will win additional prizes within the Bonanza games.

The VIP Scheme: Make your way from Lord or Lady to King or Queen

Butler’s Bingo offer some great incentives for becoming a loyal member. The levels run as follows: Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchess’, Prince and Princesses and Kings and Queens.

The levels are not defined by hard and fast numbers, where you have set amounts of spending to reach before moving up the ranks. Instead they take into account everything from how frequent a visitor you are, to how much you spend and what types of games you play.

The level that you reach will provide varying boosts to the bonuses that are described in the preceding sections. For Re-Deposits Prince and Princesses will be awarded a 50% boost and Kings and Queens will be awarded a 60% boost. For the Birthday Bonus Dukes and Duchesses will receive 20 free spins; Prince and Princesses will receive 50 free spins and Kings and Queens will receive 100 free spins. For Free Spins Friday Dukes and Duchess’ will receive 20 free spins and Prince and Princesses, Kings and Queens will receive 30 free spins. Whenever Butlers Bingo Power Hour is on Dukes and Duchesses can expect 18 free tickets; Prince and Princesses will be given 36 free tickets and Kings and Queens will receive a staggering 72 free tickets! The final bonus for the top two tiers in the VIP scheme is that they’ll receive free, weekly entries into the VIP Slot Tournament where there’s a £1800 prize pool to be won!

As you can see from these pretty substantial differences in bonuses it’s more than worth becoming a loyal player at Butler’s Bingo.

Taking a spin on the Butler’s slots

Many Bingo websites feature plenty of slot games and Butler’s Bingo is no exception. However, they really do offer plenty of excitement through their progressive jackpot slots and when we wrote this review the total progressive jackpots that were on offer totalled a staggering £4,000,000!

Their range of slot games include the standard video slots, fruit machines, progressive slots and featured games (which feature the very best and most advanced of their slots).

Deposits, payments and support

You can make deposits and receive payments via all major credit and debit cards, as well as through Skrill, Cheque, Ukash and Paypal.

In terms of support, wherever you are on the website you’ll always see a ‘Live Chat’ tab, so if you get lost or have a question pop up prior to playing a game you can simply click this tab to open up a chat window. You can additionally check out their FAQ or their Starting Up guide section.


Butlers Bingo do a great job of building community within their games, additionally however, they have dedicated chat Bingo games, where roomies can chat amongst themselves as well as with the hosts.

Connect with Butlers Bingo

Butlers Bingo are all over social media websites, with presences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Youtube.

Over on Twitter Butlers Bingo really show the best of their banter, which is completely indicative of their friendly approach to their players. We particularly love their ‘Guess who the Butler is’ posts, where they replace a famous person’s face with the Butlers. The winner who guesses correctly receives a £10 bonus for play on the upcoming Friday

They also have a blog that will keep you up to date with everything that’s coming up on Butler’s Bingo and gives you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes at Butlers Bingo HQ.

Butlers Bingo

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