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Bonus: 500%
Platform: Playtech
Players: 2725
Card Cost: Free to £2

The Gala Bingo Website: A Complete Guide

There’ll be few of you who won’t have heard about Gala Bingo. Making for one of the largest Bingo Halls in cities and towns up and down the country it’s unsurprising that their website also makes for one of the largest and most extensive out there.

Taking a look around the Gala Bingo website could certainly take you a while as they offer not only a massive range of Bingo games, but casino, slot, scratch card and instant win games as well. With so much to offer we thought it was only right to tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic site and why you should be considering heading on over to check it out for yourself.

A Rather Warm Welcome and an Even Warmer Welcome Bonus

Despite being one of the biggest Bingo names in the UK, Gala Bingo remains as one of the friendliest companies around, both in terms of their easy to use and welcoming website, as well as their helpful staff (who will always serve you with a virtual smile); the Gala Bingo website additionally boasts an all-round great atmosphere, with equally as friendly members.

In terms of a sign up bonus (which has become a pretty competitive area with more and more bingo websites vying for consumer’s attention), Gala Bingo offers a pretty impressive £40 bonus when you deposit just £10; this then means that you have £50 to start you off with. As well as this you’ll also be provided with 7 days access to the newbie room, where every game provides £25 in prize money and where you get to play for free!

A never ending range of Bingo Halls

In addition to the 22+ bingo rooms that Gala Bingo boasts, this website serves up 75, 80 and 90 ball games in addition to their brand new, all singing, all dancing 50 ball game: Coconut Island. And if you need even more reasons to play then the addition of their exclusive line of games surely will satisfy your need for unique and fast paced bingo playing. These exclusive Gala games include Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (where you can ‘Win the Ads!’) and Coronation Street’s ‘Golden Cobbles’ Bingo, which features a progressive jackpot that has recently paid out a massive £16,46.02 over the course of just one month!

To check out what’s on and when, go to the Gala Bingo homepage and scroll down a little; here you’ll see a full schedule of the exciting Bingo games that are coming up, where they’ll be taking place, how much it is to play and, of course, how much the big money prize is.


Gala Bingo pack in so many promotions that’s it’s pretty difficult to know where to begin! There are Lunch Time Specials, 1TG Tuesdays and the super tempting Coconut Island Bingo room, where they offer a top end prize of £150,000!

One of their most successful promotions is the £20,000 Friday Night Fever offer, where players can be in with a chance of winning a guaranteed jackpot of £20,000. As well as this there are Penny Bingo games (which take place in the Castle Club room around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week); Buy One Get One Free games, Bingo Linx games and plenty more besides.

It’s well worth keeping up to date with what’s on and when by checking out their promotions page; the Gala Live section additionally has its own set of promotions and games that are more than worth checking out.

Deposits, payments and support

Gala Bingo accept every major card provider (including Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Solo), however they additionally offer super convenient deposits and payments through PayPal.

In order to take a play on any of Gala Bingo’s game you’ll need first to create an account, where you’ll additionally place a deposit limit on your account. This will then limit how much you can bet up to for your initial game and games going onwards. As is usual with online Gambling websites, payments need to be completed and verified, although you aren’t charged by Gala Bingo for any bank transfers or credit and debit card transactions.

Gala Bingo boasts one of the best support teams out there; there’s a dedicated Support page, where staff are available to help via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as a UK Freephone number 0800 294 7294 (or +44 1483 716 540 from outside the UK). You can also contact support through email on

Gala’s Glitzy VIP Program

The VIP program really falls under the category of promotions, however this rewarding structure to playing on Gala bingo is worth a mention of its own.

This program will see you as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum member. Every member can work towards cash back rewards on their loses (and it pays out on a daily basis too); to give you an idea of what to expect, Bronze members start with a 3% cash back, whilst Platinum members enjoy a 10% award.

Every VIP member has the option of attending the glitzy Champagne Room on a bi-weekly basis where they are then able to play games for free, as well as being entered into a draw to win £1000.

Additionally however deposit bonuses are also paid as according to membership level, with Platinum players enjoying a staggering 100% deposit bonus (up to £400!); and the rewards don’t stop there, particularly if you play for more than 20 days per month. Being a regular customer could then see you benefitting from exclusive games where the prizes can be as much as £1,500 and all whilst playing for free!

One last little bonus to mention is that Silver, Gold and Platinum VIPs will additionally have their own Account Manager, with Gold and Silver VIPs also invited to Gala Bingo’s thrilling events throughout the year, such as their Christmas parties, horse races and concerts!


We gave the atmosphere a mention at the beginning of this review, but it’s worth another mention simply because of the great community that you’ll find over on Gala Bingo.

There’s a dedicated community page at Gala which is packed to the rafters full of features, including a Chat Host of the month, Player compliments, Community Games and even Gala TV where a host will keep you entertained throughout your game playing. One last little thing that should see you checking back to the community area regularly is the fact that they are always partnering up with other brands to offer some pretty impressive deals. Over the course of the summer they’ve been offering family tickets to some of Britain’s best attractions, with equally as impressive deals running throughout the year.

Take a spin of the slots, a roll at a real roulette table or a scratch of a virtual scratch card

For those players who may fancy something a little different there’s plenty to be experienced at Gala Bingo, including slots, casino, scratch card and instant win games. There are also plenty of games that you’ll find only at Gala Bingo, including Coronation St, Dolly Parton and Footballers’ Wags slots or the Girls’ Night out Scratch. In total there are over 300 such games, with more than 60 of these being available to play on mobile or tablet.

Go Mobile

Do you want to brighten up that rather dull bus journey to work? Or maybe you fancy losing yourself in a Bingo game or two whilst you waiting for your ever delayed train. For these situations Gala Bingo’s app is perfect and better still it works on all major smart phones, including the iPhone and Android devices such as the HTC Sensation, Desire, Samsung Galaxy S II and Nexus S.

To use it you’ll simply log in with the same username and password that you use for the main website and you’ll be off and away with many of the games that you have available on a desktop PC.

You may however want to keep an eye out for the special offers that are put on from time to time for simply downloading it, as you might as well be given a nice little bonus for going mobile!

Get Social

Gala Bingo have a very active social life, with online presences all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. In fact, even their mascot, Buzzby Bear, used to have a Twitter account, although he seems to have shied away from public life for the time being.

You should certainly keep up to date with their social media accounts as they’ll help you keep track of what offer is on and when and what time certain Bingo games are kicking off.

Our Finishing Thoughts

Gala Bingo makes for a fantastic website that you could easily lose yourself within. Not only is there great gameplay but there’s plenty of interaction with other players and chat hosts too. With all of the things that the Gala Bingo website has to offer we have to say that we then agree with them wholeheartedly when they say ‘You’ll love the buzz!’

Gala Bingo

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