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Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo should rename to Mega Bingo!

Bonus: 400%
Platform: Playtech
Players: 628
Card Cost: Free to £2

Mecca Bingo: All you need to know about the online Granddaddy of the Bingo World

There’ll be few, if any, bingo players who haven’t heard of the Granddaddy of Bingo; Mecca has been around for a substantial number of years and today have physical bingo clubs in every major city and town. Having recently undergone a bit of a brand make over, both online and in their premises, we’ve taken a look at their website offering to see what Mecca offer and whether it’s worth a look.

The Mecca Bingo Website: A Quick Overview

The Mecca bingo website has most definitely gone for a rather feminine feel. Rather than their famous blue and yellow brand colours, is almost completely pink, although the clear, large graphics and easy to use menu mean that this is a good looking website never the less.

The homepage serves as a good hub for all of the latest goings on, with jackpot winner announcements, latest offers and a table at the bottom of the screen which details the top games and bingo rooms.

Will you be Bingoing Mad for Mecca Bingo games?

The Mecca website offers a diverse selection of Bingo games, boasting 90 Ball, Cashline, X Factor, 75 Ball, Deal or No Deal, Snakes and Ladders, Britain’s Got Talent and Joker Jackpot Bingo. Across these games there are also various feature games to look forward to.

1 and 2 to Go

1 and 2 to Go games will see you playing for the final prize of the game. If someone beats you to getting a house and you were 1 or 2 away from winning then you’ll receive a share of the prize pot.

Roll On Bingo

Roll On bingo games hold extra house prizes, with anything from 1 extra to 10!

Last Chance Saloon

Last Chance Saloon games will see you with a complimentary scratch card if you fail to win anything during the game. To qualify you simply need to purchase one strip of tickets.


Supergames offer you the chance to play bingo for free! You can also opt to upgrade to be in with a chance of winning some huge prizes!

Mecca Linked Games

Mecca’s range of linked games are probably one of the most exciting forms of bingo. This will see various bingo rooms linked throughout the website, so that players really are playing for some significant prizes.

Getting your (slot and casino) game on

In addition to the extensive range of bingo games on offer over at Mecca you’ll also find a vast array of slot, Hi-Lo, casino, numbers and scratchcard games. If you’re a fan of slot games then you’ll find these in their very own section on the website. This is because there are simply so many of them and they include Multi-line, casino, jackpot and single line slots. Mecca features all of the major slot titles, including Fairest of Them All, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Angel or Devil and Mega Jackpots from Monopoly. A handy section on the website if you’re trying to figure out which to play can be found on the homepage. Here you can see a scrolling announcer of the current standing of slot jackpots. When we wrote this review some of the highest jackpots were for the Snow Queen’s Magic (with a jackpot that stood just under £420,000!) and Clover Rollover (with a jackpot that was a little over £325,000!).

A great thing about this collection of games is that the majority of them offer free, demo versions, so if you’ve not played before, or want to see what a slot’s gameplay is like then you can do.


Mecca have some great ongoing promotions that run throughout the year, with equally as tempting membership levels. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can look forward to when playing at Mecca Bingo.


Welcome Bonus

Mecca’s Welcome bonus is unlike any other bonus you’ll find anywhere else as not only are you given £50 to play when you deposit, but you’re additionally given £10 to play with in your local Mecca Bingo Hall!


Refer a Friend

Mecca’s refer a friend scheme encourages you to invite your mates over for a few games of bingo. In return for this they’ll reward you with £20 when your friend places their first deposit.


Pet of the Month

This rather unusual bonus will see you sending snaps of your prized pooch, cracking cat or fantastic fish in order to win a £20 Amazon voucher as well as £25 in bingo funds! This offer runs every month and you can check out Mecca’s Facebook page to see who the previous winners were.


Roomie of the Week

The Roomie of the Week offer sees one player per week from the Deal or No Deal, Jump and Jive, X Factor Bingo and Lucky for Some rooms picked as the roomie who has had the greatest involvement within the room, as decided by the Chat Monitors. In return for being a fantastic roomie you’ll receive a staggering 30,000 bonus points!

The Mecca Bingo Reward Scheme: Mecca Treats

Mecca Bingo have a pretty great VIP scheme going which will see you working up through various levels to be in for plenty of rewards. Whilst their VIP scheme doesn’t offer the cash back that other websites do (where you receive a certain amount of your lost money every month) there are plenty of other things to look forward to as you pass through each level). To move up these ranks you’ll need to continue to spend on the website, and maintain that level of spending in order to stay at the level.

The levels run as follows: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue and Purple. Each of these levels offer a Birthday present every year and a free entry into their prize draw. One big difference between the levels however is the bonus point rewards that you’ll receive for the amount you spend with Mecca. The Pink level will see you awarded with 15 bonus points for every £1 that you spend; the Orange level will award 16 bonus points; the Green level will award 17 bonus points; the Blue will award 18 bonus points and finally, the Purple level will award 20 bonus points.

Additional features of their scheme include double or triple points day, which run either once or twice a month; prize draws that are drawn monthly; seasonal bonuses to give you a little extra to play with during national holidays and match play for certain games, where you’ll be given an extra £10 to play on certain games when you spend £10.

Deposits, payments and support

Being such a massive bingo outfit it’s unsurprising that Mecca accept every type of debit and credit going. Additionally however they also accept payments from Paypal, Laser, NETeller and Ukash.

There’s also plenty of support when playing on the website, with a help section, a UK call center and a freely available email address. Unlike other bingo websites however Mecca doesn’t provide a live chat feature. You can however meet the chat hosts over on the community section so this may serve as a happy alternative to live chat.


Mecca are undoubtedly one of the most successful bingo websites in building communities. Over on their dedicated community page you’ll find Roomie of the week, Pet of the Month, a customer feedback survey and a nice little section called Mecca Fun where you can spend some time reading some interesting magazine like articles.

Bingo on the Go

Mecca Bingo’s website is completely mobile friendly, so you can play bingo, browse their website and even play the majority of their additional games all from your phone. Additionally however you may want to take a look at their App offering. Suitable for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone this app provides the best playing experience when Bingoing on the go.

You can also look forward to exclusive offers and promotions that are only available for those who have downloaded the app; such as their welcome bonus, mecca treats, £5 free second deposit bonus or free speed bingo.

Getting Friendly with Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo Are all over the various social media websites, with accounts over at Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. These accounts also serve Mecca’s physical premises, so giving them a like or becoming a follower will also keep you up-to-date with all the latest goings on at your local Mecca too.

Our Finishing Thoughts

Mecca Bingo are most certainly one of the most well known, and well loved, bingo brands out there. Having seen a complete redesign of their website we can safely say that they now also offer one of the best online bingo experiences out there. Additionally however the rewards that they offer their players also demonstrate just how much they value their customers and whilst the member scheme may not offer the cash back that others do, there are plenty of other things to look forward to at Mecca for being a loyal customer.

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