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Platform: Playtech
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Card Cost: Free to £2

A full review of the Sky Bingo website

The Sky Bingo Website: A Quick Overview

The Sky Bingo website is far cleaner and uncluttered than any other bingo website, with a design that’s minimalist and a colour scheme of mostly whites and greys. This design helps you focus on your gaming, rather than the bright design and menu that would otherwise distract you.

On the homepage you’ll be able to see all of the latest promotions, the schedule of upcoming games, the high value games that are starting within the next few minutes and the latest winners.

Getting started at Sky Bingo: Your Welcome Bonus

Welcome to Sky Bingo! When you join Sky Bingo you can expect to benefit from their super generous welcome bonus. Every new player will receive £20 to play, with no deposit required at all! This is the highest no deposit bonus we’ve seen so far, so it’s well worth checking the website out to take advantage of this offer alone.

You should also be sure to check out the Newbie room (which is open between 4pm and 10pm daily) as you can play free bingo for a full 7 days! This can see you experience anything up to £3500 worth of free bingo if you play every available game over the seven days.

Alternative gaming and betting on the Sky range of mini websites

Sky Bingo separate their games into three sections, with these being Sky Bet, Sky Poker and Sky Vegas. These sections are all accessible from the home page, just look to the top right hand corner for the various tabs that will lead you to sections that are almost separate websites in their own right.

Sky Bet

The Sky Bet section of the website allows you to bet on various sporting events, including everything from American Football to Greyhound racing. In this area you’ll see your quick links to events on the left hand side and a run down of the latest Football, Cricket and Tennis bets in the center.

Sky Poker

This section of the Sky Bingo website demonstrates that this is way more than a bingo site. Whilst most of such websites focus primarily on Bingo, Sky have equally as well developed games that provide a huge range of options for even the most experienced of Poker players.

You can then play one on one with other players, or find a community where you play with numerous players. To see an overview of the many tables that are running around the clock just click on the ‘Sit and Go’ tab.

Sky Vegas

If you’re a lover of bingo as well as the instant win games that are available (such as slot, scratch card games, roulette and other casino games) then you’re going to love the Sky Vegas section of the Sky Bingo website. Here you’re going to find some of the most extensive number of such games with many featuring huge jackpots and prizes.

When you land on the Sky Vegas page you’ll see a rundown of the various sections, however perhaps of more interest will be the list of current jackpots that are displayed to the right of the screen. When we reviewed the website the top jackpot on offer was for the Adventures in Wonderland, which featured a jackpot of just over £620,000; this was then followed with a £300,000 jackpot for the Sky Millions game.


The promotions that run on Sky Bingo change frequently, so check out their promotions section to see what’s running when you sign up. There are however promotions that run continuously.

Free Bingo

Sky Bingo offer free bingo games throughout the day and night, seven days a week, in the Pennies, Sky Speed and Five Prize 75 rooms. Across these there are prizes of £5, £10 and £20.

Cashback Weekend

Sky put on Cashback weekends from time to time where players can play on their favourite bingo games and receive 25% back on their losses to play with. These weekends tend to run over bank holidays, so be sure to check back to their website at these times throughout the year.

Sky Bingo Jackpots

Sky Bingo have recently had a bit of a shake up with the way that they run their jackpots to provide even more chances to win. This means that once a room’s jackpot has been won the new jackpot will have an increased ball count so that the jackpot will be won more often, by more people. As well as this Sky offer up an unusual way to award prizes and that is by awarding 50% of the jackpot to the winner to score a house first, with the remaining 50% awarded to the community. How much you receive back will depend upon how many tickets you’ve purchased at the beginning of the game.

Winner’s Wednesday

Every Wednesday Sky offer added bonuses to their bingo games, including £250 jackpots, £50 bingo credits and bonuses for those who have connected with Sky via Facebook.

The Loyalty Club Scheme

Sky, similarly to many other bingo websites, offer cashback rates on all losing bets. These run as follows:

– Pearl (10% cashback),

– Opal (10% cashback),

– Sapphire (15% cashback),

– Ruby (15% cashback),

– Emerald (25% cashback),

– Diamond (25% cashback).

Deposits, payments and support

Given that Sky are probably the largest company of all the Bingo websites it’s unsurprising that practically every payment processing platform and major card is supported. This includes: Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Laser, Visa Debit, Maestro, Visa Electron and Mastercard.

If you’re looking for support on the website then head on over to the top right hand corner where you’ll find a link to a full help guide. From here you can search for answers to any questions you have or contact them through email, live chat or phone. Additionally, and unlike any of the other Bingo websites, Sky also offer support through a dedicated Twitter account. Follow @SkyBetHelp today for helpful hints and tips, as well as for support if you need it.


Sky Bingo’s Community room is known as a ‘Multivariant room’, which means that there are a wide range of different games played at all times of the day. Here’s a rundown of the various offers that are on throughout the week:

Happy Hours

Everyday Sky put on 3 happy hours where there are BOGOF, 12TG, Roll-On, Last Chance Saloon, Speed and Super Prize Games.

Rush Hours

Between 12pm and 1pm, and 5pm and 6pm Rush Hour provides super speed bingo with an additional bonus of 12TG and BOGOF games to boot!

Twice as Nice Hours

Between 1pm and 2pm, and 6pm and 7pm the games found in the community area offer you double your stake.

Sky Bingo’s Community Hour

Every night between 8pm and 9pm you can check into the Community room to receive two £500 Super Book Games as well as exclusive ‘All in One’ Games.

Lucky 7 Hour

Every night between 7pm and 8pm you’ll be in for an hour of Sky’s exclusive Lucky Seven Roll On Bingo game, where jackpots are all of the same high value.

Late Night Bingo

If you’re still up and about for between Midnight and 1am then you can check out the range of BOGOF mountain games. These Games start as a buy one get one free deal and build up to buy one get 5 free!

Sky Bingo on Facebook and Twitter

Sky Bingo is on both Facebook and Twitter. Through their social media accounts they announce new offers and promotions as well as telling their followers about when the main games are starting.

Sky Bingo Games – Wherever you are

Sky Bingo offer an app that can be downloaded onto whatever tablet or smartphone that you own. Not only that but as an App player you can look forward to plenty of promotions that are exclusive to tablet and mobile app players.

Mobile and Tablet Promotions

Just like Sky’s promotions for the main website you’ll find that the app promotions change from time to time. When we wrote this review the current promotion was ‘On the Go Tuesday’, which provided up to 25% cashback on some of Sky’s most popular mobile and tablet games every Tuesday, including Clover Rollover and Dynamite Digger.

Our Finishing Thoughts

Sky’s range of bingo games are going to be pretty hard to beat by any other bingo website. Additionally however their other sections, such as the Sky Vegas, Sky Bet and Sky Poker mini websites offer some of the most comprehensive selection of games and betting options available. Their innovative approach to online gaming is also shown through their use of social media websites, particularly their Sky Bet support Twitter account, through which they provide some pretty useful information to help their online players.

Additionally, we’ve not covered every promotion that was running at the time that this review was written and for this reason alone you should check them out for yourself to see just how much is on offer.

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