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The Obama’s know how to work the media, from to Michelle’s cameos on television shows like Parks and Recreation, to Barack’s tongue-in-cheek selfie stick video. Now Michelle steps up on the Ellen DeGeneres show showing off her impressive dance moves to the world.

Michelle and Ellen

The First Lady is now a veteran of the talk-show circuit appearing on The David Letterman show, talking part on skits on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell and now she is getting funky on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Michelle Obama is an advocate of exercise and promotes the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign that supports anti-obesity in children. But the First Lady isn’t all talk, she also walks the walk…well, dances it to be precise!

In the video below Michelle dances alongside a dance team and Ellen DeGeneres on her show to throw some shapes to Uptown Funk.

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