TOWIE (AKA The Only Way Is Essex) is the show everyone loves to hate, or is that hates to love?

This scripted reality soap opera based in Essex, narrated by Basildons own Denise van Outen, has been running since 2010 and is now into its 14th series.  It has even won ITV the YouTube Audience prize at the BAFTA Television Awards in 2011.

TOWIE has an ensemble of cast members that regularly feature on the pages of celebrity magazines, but the person who seems to remain on everyone’s lips is Danielle Armstrong.

In order to gage the nation’s opinion, we asked 1000 people across the UK to describe TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong in one word. The most surprising thing the results revealed is that over a quarter of the 1000 respondents (26.4%) didn’t know who she was!

Below are the rest of the top responses:


Nice 2.7% 


Stupid 2.4%


Female 2.0%


Annoying 1.8% 


Funny 1.7%


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