St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a commemoration of the arrival of Saint Patrick and Christianity in Ireland, but now it’s a mass celebration of the overall culture and heritage of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day is now celebrated all over the world reaching as far as the United States, Australia and New Zealand!

There are church services that take place on St. Patrick’s Day due to the religious connotations of the day, but the festivities are also observed by non-religious individuals. On St. Patrick’s Day it’s commonplace to celebrate by attending parades and public festivals while wearing green clothing and shamrocks, and of course drinking the best Irish alcohol.

In order to find out what the nation loves most about Ireland, we have asked 1000 people across the UK to tell us what they think is the best thing to come out of Ireland. Below are the top five responses.

Guinness 22.1%


Irish people 4.9%

Graham Norton

Potatoes 4.7%


Music 4.7%


Beer 3.6%


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