I think we can all agree: January’s pretty rubbish.

Either you’re skint after the expense of Christmas or feeling worse for wear after all the festive excess. Or both. And it’s bitterly cold and it still gets dark early. But the worst, the worst, thing about January is having to listen to the incessant talk of New Year’s Resolutions (or NYRs for short). You know the kind of thing: “This year I’m gonna get my perfect body”; “in 2015 I’ll land my dream job”; “this year’s when I’ll finally learn Spanish”.

So this bingo card is for those people who are tired of hearing resolutions. All you need to do is print out a few copies and give them to your friends and whenever someone mentions a NYR you mark it off. It can be on social media, TV, someone at work or on the bus. You don’t necessarily need to be with the other players: create a group chat in messages or Whatsapp and you can alert your friends if you get bingo.




Download the printable version of this bingo card here:

Download your Bingo Card Here!

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