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Obese Dog Gives Up Fast Food, Sheds Pounds

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Dennis the dachshund when he weighed 56 pounds

If a human ate nothing but White Castle burgers and pizza then their weight would almost certainly balloon. So imagine if a dog ate that diet! And that’s what happened to a dachshund called Dennis. In 2013 he weighed an incredible 56 pounds or 25kg. That’s about half of a small adult! Diet Change But…

Never Heard of Quokkas? You Need To…

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Smiling quokka image 4

Think of a happy animal and what comes to mind? Maybe a dog? A dolphin? Well, if you’d ever seen a Quokka, you’d have immediately said it was the happiest animal. Why, you might ask? Here’s the proof… One Smile, that could be a coincidence…   But two? There’s a pattern here…   We’re starting…

This 95-Year-Old Can Probably Run Faster Than You!

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Pensioner Beats 200m Over 90s world record

We’re not trying to be mean by the way, it’s just probably true. Charles Eugster, a nonagenarian dentist from London, has broken a 200m world record. We’ve got to come clean though, this wasn’t any 200m record, it was in the the over-90s category at the British Athletics Masters in London. In the video uploaded…

Guess The Fast Food Chain Logo

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The game is a simple one: guess the fast food chain from the logo that we’ve blurred out. We’ve mixed it up a bit so there are some UK and International chains in here. If you’re partial to a Whopper or a Zinger burger you’re probably going to well, but what if you don’t eat…

How Well Do You Know Your English Counties?

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Guess the English Counties Map Quiz

Number 1. Northumberland or Durham? Number 45. Devon or Dorset? Number 36. Greater London or Surrey? Number 32. Herefordshire or Gloucestershire? Number 21. Leicestershire or Derbyshire? Hover over for the answers! In order: Northumberland Devon Greater London Herefordshire Leicestershire

Coffee Drinker? Find Out The Pros and Cons!

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I Love Coffee from Golden Tours

When we’re playing online bingo, we’re partial to a cup of tea or a glass of wine (a small one, mind!) at the weekend if we’re letting our hair down. But we know that many of you will love a cup of the dark stuff…coffee that is! Do you know the current health positives and…

Who’s The Mystery Bingo-Playing Celeb?

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Celebrity Bingo Players Quiz 4

Bingo has been a regular British pastime for decades now. It started out as a game played mainly by military men but was taken up by people of all classes when hundred bingo halls opened across the country in the 1960s. It’s now played millions of people around Britain every day but the public perception…

Watch Three Aussie Chicks Lip Sync To Queen

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SketchShe Bohemain Rhapsody lipsync

And now SketchShe (which must be a play on the word sketchy, surely), an all-girl comedy trio from Australia, have done a hilarious lip sync version of the song, filmed in their car. As the video warns: “Road trip rock out. (Warning: may contain head banging, boob grabbing and heartfelt emotion.)” The video has been…

Mother’s Day Bingo Presents

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How about a stylish bingo t-shirt from Zazzle? Or a mug for the bingo lover who also loves a cup of tea! Get your mum a home bingo kit so you can play with her… A cute teddy bear mascot will surely go down well Does your mum love Elvis? Well this Dauber will be…