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On Sunday 13th August, Debra Corkish had taken herself off for a game or two at Apollo Bingo in Barrow. Whilst there, it had crossed her mind how great a win would be, even a small one, as her daughter’s big day was fast approaching as there was still so much to do, and pay for.

Little did she know that as she entered the club, Lady Luck had followed her and taken a seat next to her!

Her numbers came up and this lucky lady landed herself a whopping jackpot of £18,772.60!

Dream Day Planned By Apollo Bingo Player

Whilst details of the big day are sparse, we can imagine that the daughter of Ms Corkish is now going to have a dream day thanks to the impressive win. In fact, the story in the local paper, The Mail, says as much.

Ms Corkish has been a regular at the Apollo Bingo club in Barrow for about a year now, but this was her first big win. She said

It has come at the right time, it will all be used to pay for my daughter’s dream day!

Apollo Bingo Over The Moon

As are all bingo clubs who are host to big winners, and the free publicity it attracts, the Apollo Bingo club are over the moon for their player.

The general manager, Dave Marsden, is reported as having said

Today we will be holding a party for the winner and her family and will be presenting her with her cheque then.

As well as the celebrations for the winner, we will also be giving away an exclusive holiday to New York to one lucky player!

We are thrilled for our winner and hope her daughter has a fantastic day.