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Candylicious is the name of a new room that has been introduced to all the Dragonfish networked brands as of 14th September. Today we popped along to check the game out at Katie’s Bingo.

The game itself looks to be an amazing new offering, and it is for Dragonfish but when we took a closer look, it just looks like another version of Cinco or the card based game available on 888 sites.

Playing The Game On Dragonfish Sites

When we visited Katie’s Bingo, Candylicious is found under the specials tab from the main lobby. Enter the room and you have the option to buy up to 96 tickets per game.

It’s a colourful screen and the tickets consist of five different candy wrappers. When you purchase the tickets, various sweets are revealed and each has an associated number.

Candylicious - Game

This is a 52 ball bingo game, and at the time of our visit, the tickets were on sale at a cost of 5p each. That’s not to say that they will remain at that price throughout each and every day.

There is just one winner on any game; the player who matches all five sweets first takes home the jackpot. This means that play in the Candylicious room is fast paced to say the least.

First Impressions Of Candylicious At Dragonfish Brands

First and foremost we have to say that it is great to see a new game added to the offering. This enhances the portfolio of bingo related games across the network.

It has similarities to others available online today and we were instantly reminded of Cinco and the card based game already on the network. It’s like they have replaced the cards with sweets.

Time will tell whether it’s going to be a hit with players but Candylicious is a step in the right direction from a software platform that has, for a long time, lagged behind in the innovation stakes in our opinion.