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It’s not very often that we see gambling issues reported about on the BBC but yesterday 888, the company behind the largest bingo network online, were the topic of many discussions in various media outlets.

The reason for this is that they have just been slapped with a pretty hefty fine of £7.8million for having ‘significant flaws’ in their social responsibility processes.

Self-Excluded But Still Able To Gamble At 888

The UK Gambling Commission found that a technical failure meant that 7,000 customers were able to still gamble despite having self-excluded from 888 accounts. This appears to be a glitch that was not noticed, or overlooked, whereby a player self-excluded from one brand on the network but was not automatically excluded from all the others.

One such customer had been able to spend over a million in 13 months before he was found to have a problem.

This customer had stolen £55,000 from their employer! This player received back £62,000 and part of that will be paid to the employer that he stole from.

888 were pulled up on their lack of interaction with players. It was noted that despite there being large sums of money involved, there were ‘serious concerns about 888’s safeguarding of customers at-risk of gambling harm’.

Part Of The Fine Repays Customers At 888

Of the £7.8 million fine that was levied against 888, £3.5million will be allocated to paying back deposits made by customers who had self-excluded.

£4.25m will be given to a cause that promotes socially responsible gambling.

Ladbrokes were quick to past comment and their chief executive, Jim Mullen, was reported as having said

We have a responsibility to look after our customers. Ladbrokes Coral are also on that journey and there are issues that we’ve found in the past. But we are working with the Gambling Commission.

So there’s no pushback from Ladbrokes Coral on making sure we can provide a safer environment for gamblers.

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