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We make no bones about the fact that we aren’t massive fans of the Cozy Games products and the reasons for this are many. Most of the reasons are player related but every now and then, it will be more business related.

Today we’re frustrated with them because of their inability to communicate with the people that promote their brands. Another of their sites has recently closed, a brand called Ahoy Bingo, but affiliates (the people who review and promote the site) received no notification of the closure whatsoever.

In June 2016 we were asked to stop promoting the brand and now, it’s closed. Clearly not paying affiliates to promote the product was not enough to save the site from closing.

This makes you wonder, were players informed that the site was going to close?

Cozy Games And Ahoy Bingo

Ahoy Bingo launched in March 2015 on the Live Bingo Network, so didn’t even achieve two years of trading before it was closed to players. Those that do try and visit the site now and redirected to Play2Win Bingo.

It was this redirect that was put into place for Raw Bingo when that closed in March 2016, another site that didn’t achieve two years of business either.

Saturated Bingo Market

The question is whether the closures are the fault of the product or simply that the bingo market is so densely populated now that without a big budget, your site is not going to thrive.

The thing to remember about Ahoy Bingo, and sites like it, is that they are simply white label products. Whilst they are operated by Cozy Games, the marketing of the product is the responsibility of the person who owns the white label. However, with that said, and we have said this before, it doesn’t matter how many times you polish a turd, that’s all it is ever going to be.

There are so many sites on the same software now that closures are going to be something that we see more and more of and with the new tax on free bets coming in August 2017, we think the majority of those are going to be products on the Cozy Games software.

That said, with every site that closes on this software, another opens!