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It was back in May of this year that we reported on a new retail bingo hall coming to Fleetwood, a hall called Barney’s Bingo [read more here].

On Wednesday 6th September the Blackpool Gazette published a story about the Fleetwood bingo hall letting potential players know that as of September 30th, the club is going to be open for business.

Jobs Created At Barney’s Bingo

The general manager of the club, Tim Dobson, was wager to tell the reporter of the 15 jobs that have been created by the venue as well as waxing lyrical about the plans for the opening night.

A visit to the Facebook page for Barney’s Bingo revealed that the venue has been open intermittently for a month or so in order that players can register for membership.

On a post dated 2nd September it tells of how there were only 40 tickets left for the opening night special. Just six days later and all tickets were sold out! For this reason Barney’s made the decision to host yet another special event.

On Friday 6th October there will be another £5 ticket entry evening with the money ensuring your seat at the popular event and a glass of bubbly and food from the buffet.

Bingo Tickets Not Included

We were a little disappointed to find that the price was not inclusive of your bingo tickets for the night but £12 will see you all in for each game on the special event nights.

We enquired of Barney’s Bingo what the prize money will be like on the night and were told the following:

The £5 entry fee will get the player a glass of bubbly, entertainment and buffet. Bingo tickets are £12 on the night but we are not yet sure of prize money as that’s manager’s job but I do know that the last house will be worth £500.