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When it comes to advertising, Betfred Bingo has not been seen on the small screen for quite some time. It’s not like Foxy or Wink Bingo or seem to be quite prolific in their marketing on television. However, to complement the new look and feel to their site, Betfred Bingo are now back on TV with a new advert.

The Betfred Bingo Show advert follows through with the theme that we see currently on their homepage. A game show is the format and it’s all glitz and glamour as the blonde host welcomes you to the show.

Playing The Betfred Bingo Show

The logo of the show has a retro 70’s feel, as does the set. The host invites you to play along from the comfort of your own home.

As she walks towards the contestants; Lorraine, Larry and Linda, she tells of how you can join in and play along 24/7 on any device.

It’s then onto the welcome bonus and one of the three contestants is chosen to have it as a prize. Larry is beside himself with glee as the podium he stands at displays the current offer of ‘Spend £10 and play with £40’.

The host then talks about the community and side games available, naming a couple of the slot titles that are on offer before strutting towards the camera as the credit rolls. She encourages you to “kick back and bingo”.

We weren’t transfixed watching the advert, it didn’t have the impact on us that some others have had but we did like the overall format AND it’s great to see the brand back on the small screen.

Watch The Betfred Bingo Show

If you haven’t yet caught the advert on television, simply click the image below to view it.