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Josephine McGlade is a 55 year old woman who suffers severe arthritis and whilst she’s unlucky due to ill heath, Lady Luck did smile down on her and bless her with a whopping £74,989 online bingo win.

Mrs McGlade claimed housing benefits and employment and support allowances but chose not to inform the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) of her luck.

Overpayment To Bingo Winner

The winnings should have been declared and despite Mrs McGlade saying that she gave away most of the money and didn’t consider it hers, she committed fraud to the value of £5,700.

She admitted to the court hearing that she should have informed the authorities of her win and seen a reduction on her benefits and has since paid all of the overpayment back. She was fined £80 and ordered to pay the £85 court costs.

The local authority was made aware of the fraud because of the application form from her son when he wanted to buy his property. A question on the form was about where the money had come from.

Spending Her Bingo Winnings

What has stumped us about this news story is that they have not named the site that Mrs McGlade got lucky on. When there has been fraudulent online gambling activity in the past, i.e. someone has stolen from a family member or employee, the news agencies are all too quick to name the brand.

We believe that the site in question is Dream Bingo but only because there is an image in the original article of the site. Read the original news piece here.

Mrs McGlade is reported to have spent the majority of her winnings on her children. She gave her son some of it to purchase his council house rather than take out a loan and then she gave £2,000 to each of her four children. She also purchased a car for her daughter to get to work in.