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City the cat is the mascot of City Bingo and this month is his birthday, hence the name of the newest promotion at the site.

Birthday Kitty is a special game that is playing on 16th November at 10pm and for those who are looking for a bit of feline bling, the game is a must!

Bling To Be Won At Kitty Bingo

Tickets for the game are just 10p each and with a few days to buy, you could grab a couple each day to spread the bingo budget further.

In total there are prizes worth £450 and if you don’t want to take the bling (if you are a winner), you have the option of taking the cash value instead.

Here are the prizes and their cash values for the game:

  • One line – a cat shaped necklace with a topaz birthstone worth £100
  • Two lines – a 14k gold double cat pendant worth £150
  • Full house – 14k gold dangle cat earrings worth £200

Other Jackpots At City Bingo

As well as the chance to win some bling in the Birthday Kitty promotion, you have a whole plethora of other jackpots to play for at City Bingo. Below is an example.
Dinner Date

This plays tonight at 10pm and tickets are FREE! The jackpot is up to £13,000 and each player is allowed six tickets to the 75 ball game.

It’s a slider jackpot and to win the top prize of £10,000, you need to call bingo in 46 numbers or less. The more numbers that are called, the lower the jackpot.

The minimum pay out is £1,000 and there is bonus cash in the 1TG and 2TG pot. 1TG share £1,000 whilst the 2TG’s share £2,000 in bonus funds.

Check out the jackpot tab for more City Bingo big money games.