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When you think of a potential target for terrorists, do you think ‘bingo hall’? We certainly don’t but at the Mecca Bingo hall in Beeston, an unattended backpack around suspicion and led to the venue being evacuated on Sunday 3rd September.

The news article in the Nottingham Post [read original article here] tells of how a customer spotted a ‘potentially suspicious’ backpack and informed staff.

Evacuation At Mecca Bingo, Beeston

The backpack was actually one that was left behind by a customer but the staff didn’t know this at the time.

They followed procedure and called the police before evacuating the premises.

One customer, a 70 year old from Beeston, spoke about the incident saying that some people believed it to be a bomb threat and were really stressed and worried.

In total there were approximately 350 people in the Mecca Bingo hall when the evacuation took place and they were outside for about 20 minutes.

When the police arrived, the checked the backpack and confirmed it was in fact harmless. Patrons were then allowed back in the building to continue their bingo play.

The police were quoted as having said

We were called to reports of a suspicious package at Mecca Bingo in Queens Road, Beeston, at around 9.30pm yesterday.

The item was not suspicious and the incident was quickly resolved. Officers would like thank everyone for being vigilant and acting appropriately.

Mecca Bingo, Beeston In The News

This club was only in the news a month ago, but for a more romantic reason then. A regular player chose the venue to pop the question to his other half.

Graham Morecroft asked Majorite Gonsalves to be his wife on a night out at the club and thankfully, she said ‘Yes’.

Although he hadn’t planned to propose at bingo, he had the ring in his pocket and just felt the time was right.