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It’s been a while since we have seen a new site from Jet Media and we only heard of the latest via an email that was cross promoting to their players. The new site is called Bringo Bingo.

The email that we received is shown below:

Bringo Bingo - Email

The Bringo Bingo Design

The design of the site is supposed to be that of a game show and the host and a bevy of cartoon beauties greet you.

The welcome offers for new players are clearly highlighted and there is also mention of the traditional free bingo game on a Friday that we are used to from brands from this company.

Bringo Bingo - Home

What we are wondering is what it Bringo though? We Googled and the only real description that was thrown up by Urban Dictionary and we don’t think it’s what the operators are going for!

The term bringo is often used when an individual unleashes all his rage and anger on another individual or group of individuals, often in the Formula One workplace. In the moments leading up to such event it is often the case that the person about to deploy the bringo is enraged by the moronic drivel of those that surround him.

Another was a term that was derived from the words beaner and gringo, a teenage male who is half white and half Mexican.

The one we liked best though, although still not really bingo related was

Generally, “bringos” are excessively sexy and charming, listen to classic rock, and have an easy time getting women

Welcome Offer For Newbies At Bringo Bingo

New players to the site can claim a £5 free bonus at the point of registration of they include their financial details.

This is followed by a 300% cash match offer on deposits of between £5 and £20. The maximum bonus available is £60.