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Over the last few months we have seen a number of significant changes in the way the terms and conditions of promotions are displayed at various online bingo sites.

The reason for this is that the Gambling Commission have really toughened up on operators and their social responsibility and even those who are now compliant are being fined for past failings.

The latest is Butlers Bingo (Broadway Gaming) following an investigation that got underway in March 2017.

Gambling Commission Investigate Butlers Bingo

The trigger for the investigation was a complaint to the ASA back in 2016 [read more here]. A user had visited the mobile site for Butlers Bingo and felt that the welcome offer was misleading because they were unaware of the wagering requirements that were significant to the offer.

The ASA upheld the complaint and found the ad in breach of two CAP codes.

CAP 8.17
All marketing communications or other material referring to promotions must communicate all applicable significant conditions or information where the omission of such conditions or information is likely to mislead. Significant conditions or information may, depending on the circumstances, include:

CAP 8.17.1
How to participate, including significant conditions and costs, and other major factors reasonably likely to influence consumers’ decision or understanding about the promotion

£100,000 Fine For Butlers Bingo

The penalty package that has been levied against Butlers Bingo is because of the failings of the company (Broadway Gaming) to include significant terms and conditions of promotional offers.

The company has accepted that the adverts breached the social responsibility codes and have learned their lesson. The full public statement around Broadway Gaming can be read here.

Butlers Bingo isn’t the only online bingo operator to have had adverts banned for being misleading and you have to wonder, are there going to be more fines dished out over the coming months? Gala Bingo was fined £2.3 million for their social responsibility failings and 888 a whopping £7.8 million. Who is next? Our money is on Cozy Games Management.