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When it comes to new bingo sites, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game with those that are launching soon, or just launched. However, Castle Jackpot Bingo was one that completely slipped under our net…

In fact, if we’re completely honest, it was only that we noticed Castle Jackpot Bingo sponsoring Big Brother that we even heard of the brand! We have no idea when it launched….

Who Are Castle Jackpot Bingo?

European Domain Management Ltd, the company behind brands like Crown Bingo, Bingos and Bingo Godz, owns the site.

We popped along to play but it all seemed a bit cumbersome when registering for an account. We tried via the Safari browser and Firefox, and it just kept throwing us back to the bingo screen, with no pop up or new screen to register an account.

Eventually we managed to sort it by opening the link in a new window but it said my email was registered with them already. This could have been at their sister site, Castle Jackpot, which is a slot driven online casino.

The Games At Castle Jackpot Bingo

Bede Gaming provides the bingo software but it’s not quite as user friendly as other software providers online.

Predominance is given to the chat room rather than tickets on this software and with hardly anyone getting involved with chat, we’d prefer to see more of our tickets in play.

Castle Jackpot Bingo - Room

There seems no option to change this either. After all the excitement of a new bingo site we’d not heard of, it was a bit of a disappointment and not one we will be rushing to deposit at.

Big Brother Bingo Sponsorship By Castle Jackpot Bingo

Despite being advertised in the commercial break for Big Brother Bingo, there were not that many players online when we visited mid-show.

Wasn’t the fact that Big Brother Bingo actually closed enough of a deterrent for Castle Jackpot Bingo?