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We might all be trying to avoid the fact that Christmas is fast approaching but the world of online bingo is doing its best to ensure we don’t forget! Iceland Bingo are the first that we have come across to have announced a Christmas Day big money game though.

Their Winter Warmer will certainly be warming the bank balance of the lucky winners on the 90 ball game, but will you be the Iceland Bingo player taking a slice of this Christmas pud? If you are, there’s more than a sixpence to be found!

Winter Warmer At Iceland Bingo

The game takes place at 9pm on Christmas Day, just about the time you might be rousing from a doze in front of the television and ready for a turkey sandwich.

Tickets are on sale now though, so like Christmas presents, you could start buying now so you have quite a collection by Christmas Day. The price tag for tickets is £1 and each player can have a maximum of 96.

Now, this game has the usual one line, two lines and full house prizes but the lion’s share of the £15,000 prize pool is set aside for the losers.

Yes, you have read that right, £9,000 of the total prize pool will be shared amongst all those with tickets in the game who don’t win a penny.

This will be split as a percentage of tickets purchased from the total tickets purchased. So for example, you buy 96 tickets in total and overall 60,000 were sold, you have 0.16% of the £9,000 prize money which is £14.40.

This part of the prize pot is cash.

The Prize Money At Iceland Bingo

The main prize money on offer in this game is the remaining £6,000 of Iceland gift vouchers and this is to be split as follows:

  • One line for a £1,000 Iceland gift voucher
  • Two lines for a £2,000 Iceland gift voucher
  • Full house for a £3,000 Iceland gift voucher

If you are a winner, you’ll definitely be a Mum that goes to Iceland!