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bet365 Bingo launched their latest promotion on 31st July but whilst we may be a few days into August now, you still have until 27th of this month to get involved with their Codebreaker offer.

The first thing that you need to do if you do fancy winning up to £250 at bet365 Bingo, is opt in. This is done on the special promotion page for the Codebreaker.

Once you have opted in, it’s about qualifying…

Qualifying For The bet365 Bingo Codebreaker

There are several rooms in which you can qualify for this promotion and they are:

  • Bargain Bingo
  • The Catwalk
  • Mojo Lounge
  • Superstar Bonanza
  • Tinsel Town

You will unlock a code by winning one line, two lines, the full house or any Roll On prize that contain a featured ball number from the weekly code.

A new code is posted every Monday.

When you match one of more of the numbers in the code then you will be awarded 12 tickets for each of the 10 weekly bingo games that play in the VIP Lounge on the Tuesday following your qualification.

If you manage to match two, three or four numbers of the code, you will unlock a cash prize of a share of £250.

The four qualifying periods for this promotion and their codes are:

  1. Week One – until 6th August and the code is 08 77 31 52
  2. Week Two – from 7th until 13th August and the code is 46 29 81 16
  3. Week Three – from 14th until 20th August and the code is 90 03 69 11
  4. Week Four – from 21st until 27th August and the code is 34 56 84 41

Will you be cracking the code at bet365 Bingo this month?