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Over the last couple of weeks we have seen Danniella Westbrook in the news following the loss of her home and car. The tabloids have been telling of how she has been working in a teeth-whitening salon in Liverpool and now, scrapping the proverbial barrel, they are suggesting that the ex-Eastenders star is playing bingo at Club 2000 Bingo in an effort to better her financial situation!

The offending article was found at The Mirror online and the headline read ‘’Homeless’ Danniella Westbrook plays bingo in hopes of winning £600 jackpot’.

Playing To Win At Club 2000 Bingo

The Sun ran a similar story and also the OK! Magazine. Both of which tell how she won’t be working at the teeth-whitening shop anymore because ‘Apparently due to my septicemia & multiple operations clients don’t want to look at me or have me treating them.’

My issue with all of this is that don’t we all go to bingo in the hopes of winning a £600 jackpot? Whilst ultimately winning money is the goal of any gambler, there are many other aspects to the game too including the social side of things.

Could it not just be that she was enjoying a night out with her mates, who incidentally all have homes!

Danniella Westbrook And Eastenders

The last time we saw Danniella on our screens as Sam Mitchell was in the storyline about Peggy Mitchell’s cancer and ultimate death. She turned up, dumped Ricky on his dad Jack and then left.

Her first appearance in the soap was when she was eleven, but that was a bit-part where she roller-skated across the square as an extra. She started her role as Sam Mitchell in July 1990 and has been in and out of the popular soap for years.