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Yesterday we brought you news of a brand new bingo site launching on the Dragonfish network, today the news is of three sites that have closed!

What shocked us was that all three of the sites that have now closed have been around for quite some time. The youngest of them had been around eight years!

It was only a few days ago that we revealed that Pink Bingo had closed, a site that itself had been around for seven years.

Dragonfish Sites That Are No More

Below are details of the sites that have recently closed and what we know of their history. It’s not very much, and if we are honest, none are really going to be missed simply because we have so many other sites to choose from on the same network.

KS Bingo – this site was on the domain ksbingo but was actually called King Solomon’s Bingo. It was launched 13+ years ago and is the oldest of the sites that have been closed.

When you visit the site now, it redirects to another Dragonfish site called Bingo Ballroom.

Banana Bingo – it was clear on visiting the site not so long ago that little was done by way of updating this product. Where other sites had been given a lick of virtual paint and upgraded to fit in with the current market, Banana Bingo had the same dated home page it always had.

It was first launched in June 2009 and now redirects to Think Bingo.

KMB Original – the KMB stands for Kiss My Bingo and stalwart bingo fans will know that the original KMB was on the Dragonfish network where are the other Kiss My Bingo launched under the Cashcade hat. Both are now closed with the younger of the two having shut in October 2017.