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The chances are that you will have played a drinking game at some point in your life; whether it’s Ibble Dibble, Beer Pong or Ring Of Fire. A recent YouTube find revealed a new game called Drinking Bingo! Now at first the name makes it sound like some weird game that sees you haven’t to swallow numbered balls but this is not the case.

Playing Drinking Bingo

The game itself features a bingo cage, six coloured shot glasses and 48 coloured balls (eight of red, blue, black, white, free and yellow). The rules are pretty simple and if you’re a bingo player, you will know already where we are going with this.

With six different coloured balls and glasses the game is for up to six players with each being allocated a colour. It’s your choice how you play the game – you could play a game where all of the glasses are filled with alcoholic drinks or a tamer version where half are filled with water or soft drinks. It could get messy though!

The Game Itself

Drinking Bingo Game

Buying Drinking Bingo

We took a quick look around to see if we could buy Drinking Bingo in the UK but whilst we found it on Amazon, it was at a cost of £44.29 + £24.71 postage – a bit steep for a game that actually you could probably fashion a version of yourself.

We found another at £99.00 + £4.48 shipping and whilst it seems like a fun game, not one we think people would pay that sort of money for! In America it’s a lot cheaper, we found it at $19.64 on one site.

Drinking Bingo Balls On YouTube

As we said at the beginning of the article, the game came to our attention thanks to a clip on YouTube. Below is the original clip but please be aware, it does contain expletives so if you are easily offended, probably best not to watch.