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If you’re Irish and hail from Dublin then you might me interested in the new name added to the list of coming soon sites from Cozy Games, Dublin People Bingo.

We thought maybe Dublin People was the name of a band but it is in fact the name of a group of newspapers. There is Dublin People, Northside People East, Southside People and Northside People West.

Cozy should have learned a lesson from other local newspapers that have launched bingo sites. Whilst they may have an impressive readership count, this does not normally translate into bingo conversions!

What To Expect From Dublin People Bingo

What can we really say about what you can expect from this site? The most honest answer would have to be ‘You’ll have seen it all before’.

We don’t hold out much hope for there being something new and exciting on offer from Dublin People Bingo. Our expectation is that the team at Cozy Games has been tasked with finding new people to launch white labels and with a no start up cost package, the newspaper group thought ‘why not’ when approached.

At a guess, who would suggest that little will go into the marketing of brand other than a number of advertorials in the newspaper or full page adverts.

Media Bingo Doesn’t Usually Do Well

As we said before, other media brands have launched bingo sites and whilst they may ride high for a short while on an influx of new players, they often end up closing.

Daily Mirror and The Sun have done ok, but we’ve seen Daily Express Bingo come and go (in a few incarnations) and just recently we have heard that STV Bingo is closing it’s virtual doors too.

We do not have details of the launch date for Dublin People Bingo but watch this space for information about the opening.