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There are adverts for many online bingo sites seen on television currently but unlike in previous years, the current crop of commercials for the game do not feature any celebrities. Of course Foxy of Foxy Bingo is a bit of a celebrity in his own right but we meant ‘real’ celebrities. We thought we would take a look at just some of the well-known faces that have fronted marketing campaigns for online bingo sites.

Vic Reeves and 888Ladies

Who could forget Vic Reeves in a dress and applying lippy? That’s exactly what he did for 888Ladies TWICE. He first appeared on the small screen for this brand in 2008 and then, following a campaign that lost all player connection, he was back in 2010.

Vic Reeves was best known for hosting Shooting Stars with his sidekick Bob Mortimer, a show that first aired in September 1995 and ended in September 2011. His real name is James Roderick Moir and he was born in Leeds in 1959.

We’re sure you won’t have missed this chap in the 888Ladies adverts but just in case, you can view it by clicking the image below:

Foxy Bingo and…..

It’s difficult to know where to start with Foxy Bingo and his celebrity connections. We’ve seen Jordan (aka Katie Price) involved with the PR for the site and more recently Joey Essex from The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). However, in actual commercials we have seen quite a few names, especially in a campaign that kicked off in 2011 called What Foxy Did Next. Nikki Grahame, Christopher Biggins and Jim Bowen all appeared in the commercial that you can see below:

We’ve also seen the loveable mascot from Foxy Bingo do a few spoof commercials too. In 2009 we heard Dawn French do the voiceover for the advert that saw Foxy do a funny version of the He’s Back campaign. “Eee by gum, can your belly touch your bum”.

Kristina Rhianoff (from Strictly Come Dancing) tried to teach Foxy to dance in a bid to raise £150,000 for Comic Relief. We’ve also seen him referee the Cross Bar Challenge that feature d Ryan Giggs and other players from Manchester United and players from the Rugby Super League.

Razor Ruddock and a whole plethora of TOWIE stars have also been involved in advertising or PR for the brand too. Foxy is clearly the most ‘celeb’d’ up brand.

Vinnie Jones and Daily Star Bingo

Probably the most surprising of all faces of online bingo was Vinnie Jones who in May of last year. This is a chap who was known as the hardest player in football when he played for Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea between 1984 and 1999. He’s also played ruffians in some major movies including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

It was certainly a shock to see him as the front man for Daily Star Bingo BUT; he didn’t really lose his hardman exterior for the commercial, as you will see from the clip below:

Of course there are many other celebs that have appeared in bingo commercials but which has been your favourite and why?