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Film Bingo was the 19th brand to launch on the 15 Network and it opened to players in July 2014. Just three years later and we have received news that the site is closing to players shortly! No date for the closure has been given as yet, but affiliates have been advised to remove all the links from their sites.

It’s a shame to see another of the sites on this network close their doors, it wasn’t that long ago that Brand New Bingo bit the dust too. What you do have to question though, thanks to the content of the affiliate email received from Film Bingo, are the reasons why?

Film Bingo Closure Email

The owner of Film Bingo emailed affiliates a week ago or so and in the email expressed genuine sorrow at the closure of the site. It was reiterated that this was not a choice made by the owner, but a position forced upon them by the network.

The email states that

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been told (by the network) that we have to close in the very near future. This means we have no choice but to cancel the affiliate programme as well.

Although the site is still currently open, the owner goes on to suggest that all links are removed as they don’t want affiliates ‘wasting traffic on a site that’s time is limited‘.

What Does This Mean For Film Bingo Players?

We visited Film Bingo and noted that on the promotions page, all the exclusives that the site used to offer have been removed and all that is available are the network offers. It’s sad to see a site that put effort into offering something a little different is closing yet sites that just have the bog standard offers remain open.

The reason for this is budget it would seem and being in a position to promote to a wider audience.

For Film Bingo players, the loss is likely to be one that’s felt because they will simply be directed to one of the other many sites on the 15 Network. This cannot be said of their funds in their accounts, so we do suggest playing through any money remaining in your account, or withdrawing it.