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When we first saw the advert for Foxy Bingo where it was revealed that Heather Graham was the person in the suit, we said that before long the loveable canid that we had associated with the site for years would be just a distant memory for the brand.

It looks as though we weren’t wrong, the purple suited woodland animal has suffered the same fate as affiliates for Foxy Bingo, and been dumped.

The New Foxy Advert

The new Foxy Bingo commercial has no visual of the star that made the brand the best known online today. Centre stage is Heather Graham and whilst we hear the dulcet Northern tones of the character, we don’t see him.

The storyboard is one that sees a couple of fans see Heather in a coffee shop and ask her to reenact a famous scene. She believes they want her to do one of her film roles and references a scene where it is raining, you can’t tell her tears from the rain.

The two girls look at her as if she is made, and say “No, the free fiver one”.

Heather looks a little put out but agrees and then we see her perform a few “moves” from the previous commercial whilst Foxy’s voice narrates the offer that the advert promoted, five pounds free for new players.

And that’s it, that’s the 30 second commercial that is now used to promote Foxy Bingo. The most the original mascot was involved was the voiceover.

Wise Investment?

We may be old school Foxy Bingo fans from the Cashcade days when their marketing team knew how to maintain a player connection, but losing Foxy is brand suicide in our opinion.

Is Heather Graham worth the money? We don’t think so. What do you think?

You can view the advert by clicking the link below: