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If you’re a Neighbours or Home and Away fan as well as someone who loves bingo, you’re in for a bit of a treat on your TV screen. Gala Bingo have just secured a sponsorship deal with the two Aussie soaps so in the commercial breaks, you’ll be seeing the well-known brand pop up!

Gala Bingo already has impressive deals with popular UK soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street, as well as the quiz show The Chase.

Go Down Under With Gala Bingo

The next promotion we’re expecting from Gala Bingo is one offering a trip to Australia to visit the film sets of both soaps. That would be a prize and a half for anyone, let alone a fan of the Neighbours and Home and Away!

Of course, that’s just speculation but speculation based on previous promotions themed around the UK soaps that the brand sponsor so who knows, it could happen.

This sponsorship further enhances the relationship that Gala Bingo have with Channel 5 and continues the brands aim to strengthen the interaction with the key daytime audience.

The Gala Bingo Idents

Cravens, a Newcastle based creative agency, have developed the idents that are to be shown in the advert breaks for the two shows.

From what we have heard, they won’t differ too much to the UK ‘Play Happy’ adverts but will have an Aussie feel with an Australian bingo caller who uses more relevant calls like ‘koala’s in a tree’ for the number three and ‘two sausages on the barbie’ for the number 11.

The message that will be sent in the idents is that Gala Bingo is happily sponsoring Neighbours and Home and Away.

Check back soon for more details of the idents, we’re quite keen to see them!