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When it comes to promotional games and offers, Costa Bingo are currently one of the most prolofic for offering interesting games and specials. Guaranteed every couple of weeks something new will appear on their promotions page.

The latest is Home Work, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was another back to school related offer. It’s not, it’s all about house work and if we’re honest, we aren’t overly impressed with the prizes on offer!

Getting Your Clean On With Costa Bingo

With this sort of game at Costa Bingo, it used to be that they gave you options of earning tickets for the game or you could exchange Diamonds for a ticket or two. This no longer appears to be the case. You’re now restricted to paying cold hard cash for the tickets and for Home Work, the price is 50p each.

You can get involved and play along on 21st September at 11pm and for the winner of the 75 ball game, there’s a selection of cleaning products to be won. These invlude a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, an all-in-one-steam cleaner and a vertical garmet steamer.

If you are not interested in taking the prizes then you are given the options of taking the cash value of £500. It is this amount that will be shared amongst the players if there is more than one winner who calls house. All eligible winners will take an equal share of the cash value.

We hope that the current promotional deal of just buying tickets rather than earning them is just a technical hitch whilst they tweak the new look but we have a feeling, it’s gone for good. Only time will tell.