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There are many reasons that we love a game of bingo but the most important for many is the chance to win. Gala Bingo have a great feature at their site and it’s one that guarantees you a win of some description each and every day!

If you have spent £10 at Gala Bingo on any given day then you’re guaranteed to have won something!

Cash Wins From Gala Bingo

For example, if you spend £10 on bingo tickets and don’t win a cash prize at all, then you will be granted access the following day to a £500 free bingo session!

These sessions play in the Happymakers Bingo Room at 9.30pm and will consist of 10 games. In total £500 will be won in the games but even if you do not win on a game, the one line, two lines or the full house, you will be credited with a 50p cash bonus!

With 10 games in the session, that would mean a guaranteed £5 in cash bonus funds.

One session in the free room will count as a win though, so you wouldn’t be able to access it again the following day. It is also worth noting that if you win cash in Team Bingo or Battle of the Clubs, these also count as wins and will mean access to the free games is not available.

Guaranteed Bonus Win From Gala Bingo

If you spend £10 at Gala Bingo on bingo or slots then you will get a free spin on the Win-A-Spin slot and this will reveal a guaranteed all games bonus win up to as much as £50!

The minimum that will be won is 20p and any all games bonus that is won is subject to a 1x wagering requirement.