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Over the years there have been quite a few changes to how online bingo is advertised on television and other media. This is because of strict guidelines from regulators, and understandably so to protect the vulnerable.

However, whilst we completely agree with the CAP and BCAP codes, does it really mean that we have to be subjected to tedious and humdrum adverts like the latest offering from Iceland Bingo?

No Player Connection In Iceland Bingo Ad

We understand that mobile bingo play is more popular than it ever was, but the likelihood of two chaps playing bingo on their mobile in the back of a taxi? Clearly a regular occurrence if you watch the advert for Iceland Bingo.

The opening scene is a couple in a café – again, how likely are you to play bingo with your partner in a café? The lady is showing the chap the new design of the site.

We’re than taken to the back of taxi and two 30-something men discussing the merits of online bingo play!

It’s then to the home, and the most likely of all the scenarios, a lady sat on the sofa playing on her tablet. The final scene is pretty believable too; a lady waiting at a bus stop with her mobile phone in hand and Iceland Bingo on the screen.

The voiceover spends the time of the commercial telling viewers of the devices that you can play on before waxing lyrical about how much money is won and the Iceland vouchers that are given away regularly.

For us, it was just dull and not at all attention grabbing. What do you think?

The Iceland Bingo Advert

If you’ve not seen it and want to waste 30 seconds of your life that you won’t ever get back, click the link below to view the commercial: