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We often receive emails from operators waxing lyrical about how their brands are the best and why we should tell our readers all about their bingo sites above all others, and usually we do little with the information.

However, an email from Ignite, the company responsible for promoting all of the Mandalay Media / Intertain brands like Costa and Sing Bingo etc., caught our attention for all the right reasons.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount Reduced

Previously, at some sites, the minimum withdrawal amount required was £30 but now it is just £5.

At some of the newer sites, those offering ‘no wagering requirements’ like Real Deal Bingo, the minimum withdrawal amount was £35! Now it too is just £5.

Please note: Whilst bgo does bingo too, it is predominantly a casino and therefore the changes do not apply to this site.

Withdrawal Cap Removed

That’s not all though, all of the Ignite brands lifted above have had the cap on monthly withdrawals lifted.

This means for players who get lucky and win a substantial amount of cash, usually by landing a jackpot on a slot game, there is no need to withdraw in increments now.

That is with exception of the massive progressive jackpots and then, according to the Terms and Conditions

  • Jackpot prizes shall be awarded to the winners, after being validated, in 24 monthly instalments as follows: (i) an instalment equal to 20% of the Jackpot prize, and (ii) 23 equal monthly instalments of the remaining Jackpot prize.
  • Any Mega jackpot win on the Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods video slots game shall be subject to our and NetEnt’s verification and validation, which shall include but not be limited to verification of the player’s identity and the country in which such player is located. In addition, the jackpot shall be paid within a reasonable period of time, but no later than 30 days from the successful completion of verification and validation. Despite the preceding sentence, following a player’s Mega jackpot win, such player’s account balance will automatically be increased by such jackpot amount, however the jackpot amount actually paid to a player on his/her cashout.

If you are that lucky, you can take all of your winnings out immediately.

It would appear that this is one company that are listening to what the players want and acting accordingly.