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If you’re a player who visits their local bingo hall, you will know that the most coveted of prizes is the National Bingo game. Whilst the jackpot has shrunk over the years, £25,000 isn’t a bad return for a £1 ticket is it?

A player at the Mecca Bingo club in Douglasfield landed this amount of cash in just 35 numbers on the National Bingo game. It took her just eight minutes to be the first to call house against 116 other venues who were participating.

Regular Player Wins At Mecca Bingo

Although the player has opted to remain anonymous, we can tell you that she has been a regular at the venue for 15 years.

She usually goes with her Mum but she was on holiday. The plans for the money include jetting off on holiday and making a few home improvements.

Speaking to her local newspaper, the winner is reported as having said

This is the first time I’ve won such a larger amount, I am over the moon to be this lucky!

When you play against all the other clubs, you never expect to be the player who calls house first. I was really shocked to realise it was me that had won the National Bingo Game.

It’s typical isn’t it? Usually I am with my mum, but she was on a plane when I won.

I was really excited to run her and let her know, she was over the moon. I can’t thank Mecca Bingo enough.

We’re off to our local bingo hall on Saturday night, let’s hope that Lady Luck decided to make a visit to our club!