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On a recent check of a number of gambling licenses, we found a couple of new names to the world of online bingo. However, very little is known about either site so it could just be a case of “we like the domain name, let’s buy it” rather than “let’s launch a bingo site called…”

The two names in question are Kenny’s Bingo and Bingo Bobble and research did little to turn up any real details about either site.

Kenny’s Bingo

When we looked up Kenny’s Bingo we found the name that was linked with this site was Rob Fell. Interestingly, Rob Fell is Head of Product (Casino) at GVC Holdings who look to have purchased Cozy Games and all it’s assets.

This domain was acquired in September of this year which could suggest we are set to see a new site launch soon.

Interestingly, Kenny’s Bingo is something associated with We’re The Millers, a film starring Jennifer Anniston that was launched in 2013.

Kenny is the fake son of the plot of the film and is bitten on the testicles by the pet tarantula. As they swell, he starts feeling faint and refers to not being able ‘to feel his bingo’, hence the name Kenny’s Bingo.

Any real reference to a bingo site by the same name could not be found.

Bingo Bobble

A bit of investigation into this product revealed that the domain was first purchased way back in 2008 and is owned by Cashcade Ltd (acquired by who sold to GVC Holdings in February 2016).

At a guess, we’re unlikely to see a new product launch on this domain as it has been owned for so long, but we might be wrong.

Time will tell, but as we hear any news, you will hear it too.