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Kiss My Bingo was a Dragonfish site in it’s first carnation and still is if you visit KMB Original. Then later, the site launched again under the Cashcade hat.

Now kissing bingo appears to be a game that a few girls were caught playing in a club called Atik in Halifax.

To win, you have to kiss as many boys as possible and, according to The Sun, this included underage boys!

Playing Kissing Bingo

The game has been nicknamed ‘snogging bingo’ too and the list included all of the following to get a full house:

  • Ginger
  • From School
  • Underage
  • Foreign
  • Someone’s Boyfriend
  • Someone’s Relative
  • Ethnic Minority
  • Blonde
  • Fit Over 25
  • Someone You Know
  • James, Jack or Joe

The girls involved were more than prepared for the game too. Each of their bingo cards were laminated and they had whiteboard pens!

As you can see, there were many different categories and types that the girls had to find and if we were 20 years younger, we’d be playing along!

Twitter Speaks About Kissing Bingo

The image below was first used on Twitter and clearly attracted The Sun journalists.

Atik Game Of Bingo

People were clearly impressed with the effort the girls had gone to in preparing the game, with one tweet saying

They’re fooking laminated hahahahahaha

Other users were not so impressed that one of the people they had to kiss were ‘someone’s boyfriend’. One Twitter user said

It was funny until I read “someone’s boyf”

With another saying

Hahaha nah I wish I was that brainy…. “someone’s boyfriend” sounds like my luck n all :)

And finally

“Someone’s boyf” snakey whosever it is

It brings a whole new concept to bingo and if you decide to play a similar game at your local club, we’d like the details!