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In August 2016 we first heard of a brand new high street bingo experience that was expected from the Rank Group, the company behind Mecca Bingo [read more here].

It was suggested that the new experience at Luda Bingo would be for a bingo player as Tesco Extra is to the supermarket shopper.

Recently we saw the webpage for Luda Bingo launch and with it, a taste of what the experience may have to offer players.

Jobs At Luda Bingo

On the Reed employment page, they started advertising for jobs at the Luda Bingo hall expected in Walsall. They were looking for permanent. full time and part time staff for the venue and list the qualities required as being an upbeat person with a positive attitude and always ready with a smile.

The Luda Bingo Webpage

The Walsall venue is arriving at 9-11 Park Street in the Summer (August) but there are two other clubs set to open soon too.

Albion Street in Leeds and Dolphin Square in Weston-Super-Mare are the other two clubs.

On the webpage, Luda has the strapline ‘the new place to eat, play and win but we were a little concerned to read

Bacon and bingo for breakfast.

Breakfast bingo sounds a bit to us like drinking a beer before midday!

What did sound interesting though were £10k bingo jackpots every six minutes, all day long and a daily chance to win £25k.

The overall design of the web page for Luda Bingo is fresh and exciting, let’s hope the bingo they have to open when the first venue opens is just that.

Luda Bingo - Webpage