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They are many lookalikes the world over, in fact, its meant to be that we all have a doppelgänger somewhere, and for some looking like a celebrity can make them quite a tidy sum.

A worked at the Mecca Bingo venue in Manchester looks the spitting image of Ed Sheeran and it’s beginning to upset hi girlfriend. The 21-year-old called Ty Jones says that he is constantly bombarded by female fans and it is this that is the issue for his girlfriend.

Ty Jones and Ed Sheeran

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Like the famous Ed Sheeran song, Ty is always approached for his photograph but when he was growing up, he was quite shy. As Ed became famous, Ty has had to learn to live with the attention.

He said

When Ed shot to fame, people were always approaching me to have their picture taken or just chat to me, it was crazy!

I’m a huge fan but I can’t escape it. Everyone goes mad when they believe the are talking to Ed.

It’s had an impact on my relationships because I often wonder if someone is interested in me for me or because I look like Ed Sheeran.

When I am approached by girls in the street, it has annoyed girlfriends in the past and caused arguments. I don’t like to be horrible to people and I don’t like to deny people a picture if they want one.


Even though he doesn’t have Ed’s talent for singing, Ty is often invited to parties and gigs to mime to Ed’s songs and he does admit that looking like the famous singer has been great for getting into clubs.

A few months ago he was on a night out in Manchester when a DJ pulled him on stage believing he was Ed Sheeran.

Ty said of the incident

DJ Ben Pearce clearly mistook me for Ed and started introducing me as him. When I told him that I just look like him he couldn’t believe it.

We wonder if Ty has ever mimed along to Ed songs at the Mecca Bingo venue he works at?