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Sitting watching TV recently we caught a glimpse of the new advert from Mecca Bingo and we have to admit, our attention was grabbed!

Often when the commercial breaks come on, it’s just background noise but as you will know, if you’re a TV viewer, a tune or a phrase will be heard and you attention is back to the screen.

For us it was the opening bars of the Macarena, a tune that we recall dancing to on many occasions since it was released by Los Del Rio in 1983.

Mecca Bingo Make The Macarena Theirs

What Mecca Bingo have done is parodied the song whilst keeping the dance moves the same and we love it!

The words for the advert are:

Need one number
Do the Meccarena
Palms all sweaty
Do the Meccarena
Hoping for a win
Do the Meccarena
Hey Meccarena

The commercial starts with a young lady and her dog sat on a sofa. In front of her is a tablet and when we see the screen, it’s Mecca Bingo that’s loaded up and playing.

The Macarena starts playing and she starts throwing the well known shapes for the dance and then he dog stands on its hind legs and starts dancing too! We’re then shown the same woman in various different scenarios performing the party dance with a growing number of people.

If you haven’t seen the advert yet, you can view it by clicking the image below

Special Bonuses From Mecca Bingo

To celebrate the launch of the new advert, there is a special bonus being offered daily to players are the site. Deposit and spend £10 on bingo and you will instantly receive a £5 bingo bonus.

This promotion is valid on site until 31st January 2018 and all the bonuses have wagering requirements of 2x.