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When it comes to writing bingo articles, sometimes the news dries up and we find ourselves looking for content, even if it only has tenuous link to our favourite game.

It was listening to the radio that resulted in our latest tenuous link to bingo and it’s the new Madness compilation album. The title is Full House.

Full House From Madness

The album was released on 17th November 2017 and has not less than 44 songs on it. It features some of their very best hits like Our House, My Girl, Wings Of A Dove and It Must Be Love as well as a whole plethora of lesser known tunes.

Madness is a group that we grew up listening too but not one that you would associate with bingo players. It was all staypress trousers, skinheads and Harrington jackets in the 80’s listening to this band but, age wise, well we all now full into the age bracket that was once considered the target demographic for the game!

Prior to the launch of this album, the last best-of album from this group was in 2012 and called Total Madness. It offered half the number of tracks.

On the Full House album you journey with the brand through their career from their very first hit, The Prince in 1979 to Another Version of More from this year.

You can buy the album as a CD or on a four piece 180 gram vinyl record that comes complete with a special pop-up Gatefold sleeve and printed inner bag.

What you won’t find are any dabbers or bingo balls and if you call Full House for Madness, the only prizes are their classic hits all on one album.