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In 11th August, the Manchester Evening News reported on a story about a police investigation of shots being fired through a window of a house. We couldn’t see the connection to bingo, but bear with us!

Apparently, the crime scene was just yards from where host of Take Me Out, Paddy McGuiness, was waiting to shoot a bingo commercial for JackpotJoy!

For us, whilst it’s sad to hear of guns being shot etc, the most important part of the news story was that there is soon to be a new advert on TV for a bingo brand.

Has Barbara Windsor Been Dropped By JackpotJoy?

You could be mistaken for thinking that Barbara Windsor may be being replaced by Paddy McGuiness. Could it be that we’ll no longer have a queen of bingo, but a king?

We doubt it, our expectation is that JackpotJoy were probably shooting a special commercial to promote their Take Me Out Bingo, a themed game that has been at the site since early 2014.

We’re looking forward to seeing the new advert!

Playing Take Me Out Bingo At JackpotJoy

The game is a 75 ball one and as you would expect, features Paddy McGuiness. Not only is his image shown on the screen, but he’s the bingo caller too.

As always, being a winner on the main game is about calling bingo first. But there is a twist. This comes in the form of the 30 girls that have to decide ‘likey, no likey’.

Each of the girls is numbered one to 30 and as their number is called in the main game, their light will be turned off. At the end of the game, if 18 or more girls still have their lights on then everyone who has a ticket in the main game will take a share of the community jackpot.

Take Me Out Bingo