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Over the years we have heard many bingo songs, and the chances are that you will have too. The most famous that’s not actually related to the game is probably the one about a dog called Bingo.

Just a few days ago we stumbled upon a video on You Tube of Pat Boone singing a song about Bingo!

About Pat Boone

Pat Boone was born as Charles Eugene Boone in Jacksonville, Florida in 1934 and is now 83 years old. He was the second biggest charting artist of the 1950’s and in May 1956 he had a number 1 for five weeks with I’ll Be Home.

Other titles from this singer include Sppedy Gonzales which made it to number 2 in July 1962 and probably the song we know best, Quando, Quando, Quando, which only made it to number 41 in May of the same year.

The Lyrics For Bingo By Pat Boone

The song starts with a few bingo numbers, and clearly it’s an American game that is being played:

B 21, I 35, N 19, G 56, O 64 Bingooooo
Me and my baby play a no betting game
When we play it, it’s not the same
You know we give it a brand new twist
Now it goes something like this

B, be forever near
I, I’m needing your right here
N, n’ my heart and soul
G, gee, the things you do for me
O, oh make me love you so

B 24, I 37, N 32, G 26, O 75 Bingooooo

Clearly Mr Boone never played a real game because the B column is 1 through 15, the I column 16 through 30, N is 31 through 45 with a free number in the centre square, G is 46 through 60 and O is 61 through 75.

Hear The Song

You can listen to the song by clicking the image below: