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You could be mistaken for thinking that Eastenders have taken on a Dallas storyline from the title about but actually, it’s not Peggy Mitchell back on our screens but the actress who played her – Barbara Windsor. She’s back on TV but only in 30 second stints as the face of Jackpotjoy.

Once again Barbara has donned her finery and stepped in front of the camera to promote the popular online bingo site, Jackpotjoy.

Peggy Mitchell And The Jackpotjoy Adverts

The previous rounds of Jackpotjoy advertising used hunky men playing with big blue balls, the current commercials have no eye candy for the ladies at all!

The blue balls are still there but they appear on the weather map that the Queen of Bingo stands in front of to tell of the winners up and down the country.

If you’ve not seen the current advert, simply click the image below:

What do you think of the new advert? We’re not really that impressed if we’re completely honest. The acting seems very wooden and there’s nothing attention grabbing.

Compare this advert to something like the recent Wink Bingo advert and the Jackpotjoy offering is dull. In the Wink commercial there is colour and a great backing track, a lot to grab the viewers attention.

It seems that Jackpotjoy are relying on the star quality of Barbara Windsor to give their brand the player connection required but with a poor storyboard, wooden acting from the Queen of Bingo and overkill with the blue, it’s just not pushing the right buttons for us.

A new ad agency might be in order for this popular brand we think!