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There are some weird and wonderful news stories linked with bingo but the latest really is something else! It tells of a player at the Mecca Bingo hall in Camden, North London coming a cropper with her trousers round her ankles!

Rosemary Brennan hit her left shoulder on a toilet roll holder whilst using the amenities at the venue. She’d rushed into the cubicle, desperate for a wee and according to her barrister, ‘slammed’ her shoulder into the dispenser.

Not Onto A Winner With Mecca Bingo

Ms Brennan decided that she was going to sue the venue for damages following the incident. She had an injury to her shoulder and a bruise to her face.

Mecca Bingo offered £1,200 to settle out of court but she refused in the hope that she would receive a higher payout but this gamble didn’t pay off! Ms Brennan is now left with legal fees of approcximately £4,000 and the judge in the case, Judge Benjamin Wood, told her to be more careful.

Her barrister argued that Mecca Bingo should have moved the dispenser to a safer position, fitted a smaller one or even put up a warning sign but the judge did not agree.

He told Ms Brennan

It was not a hazard, it was a toilet roll dispenser. One must take care in confined spaces.
One must take care when one’s trousers are around one’s ankles.
One must take care when going backwards and one must take care when sitting down.

We bet she wishes she’d just taken the original offer rather than gamble on a bigger win! Thank goodness the judge was a realist because it’s clear that this lady was chancing her arm.